City Hindus Network

Not-for-profit organisation promoting networking, personal development and charity amongst Hindu professionals in London.

One of the main ways in which the CHN is different from other Hindu organisations is that it is focused on the needs of professionals working in and around London. To cater for our members, we are an education-based platform that aspires to enable Hindu professions to progress professionally, build an understanding of the wide spectrum of Hindu beliefs, provide opportunities to discuss social, cultural and other stigmas, to provide high-quality mentoring, and provide greater visibility of Hindu role models.

We look to do this, in particular, through:

  • Spiritual events: which enable members to learn about the wide spectrum of beliefs, rather than following just one path, in a non-denominational, or non-sampradayic manner.
  • Mentoring programmes: which a). bridge the gap between Hindu students leaving academia and pursuing careers and; b). support Hindu professionals working at middle management grades to reach senior Board level positions. Given the low proportion of Hindus at Board level, support at this stage is critical.
  • Discussion of social and cultural stigmas: where sensitive issues that may not be as easily discussed in family or local community settings, can be done so in open and supportive forums;
  • Greater visibility of role models: through raising awareness of Hindu role models through specific events and making them more accessible to the community for advice and support.

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CHN Strategy meeting 2011

Thought leadership

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Spiritual events


CHN 2008 Mentoring Scheme


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