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Not-for-profit organisation promoting networking, personal development and charity amongst Hindu professionals in London.

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power”.
Relationships are the backbone to any successful endeavour. They have the power to inspire, encourage, empower and develop us both personally and professionally. How do we develop our personal impact on others? How can we form trust and confidence with others? How do we build diverse and global relationships?

The Deloitte Hindu Network invites you to an evening of networking and discovery, in association with the City Hindus network, where guest speaker Edward Anobah will share Eastern wisdom into the essential skills needed to succeed in the business world.
Edward has an in depth knowledge and understanding of the Eastern Vedic traditions, with a special emphasis on leadership training which he gained from various mentors, including the late international leadership specialist BT Swami, who was an advisor to a number of celebrities, prominent influential figures and world leaders such as Nelson Mandela.
Edward has developed an exceptional ability to marry insights from eastern wisdom traditions with cutting edge modern knowledge to assist people in achieving their personal and professional objectives. His talks have inspired the likes of The Bank of America, Shell, UBS and JP Morgan to name a few.

As our guest on the evening, we invite you to take part in interactive exercises that will help you to practically apply this knowledge in your life immediately. The evening is a great opportunity for networking, with guests invited from various corporations.
We hope you will be able to join us on 16 June for what promises to be an engaging and interactive seminar.

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Deloitte Hindu Network Steering Committee

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